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Welcome to the signpost of the creative group FSFilm, which is dedicated to shooting the fan Sci-Fi and Star Trek movies and series. Since 2013, we have breathed life into various projects, a list of which can be found below. All activities FSFilm is voluntary and individual works are created out of enthusiasm and love for fan filmmaking.
We are shooting most of the projects on the constructed set of the bridge.

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We've parked a space ship in a small village near Poděbrady. And we're not afraid to use it: we're shootin fan films and our own sci-fi series.

Yearly cost for maintanence are currently around 4000 Eur. We'd like to not only preserve this spaceship in the future, but also expand, we're looking for Patrons, who would keep this dream of many fan flying for many more years to come.

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A Taste of Apocalypse: A Star Trek Fan Production (2019)
Star Trek fanfilm developing the story from TOS episode A Taste of Armageddon. You can find more information and film download on a project page.
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Gambit of the Ancient Ones: A Star Trek Fan Production (2018)
A Short Star Trek fanfilm z the Domion War era. You can find more information and the film to watch on the project page.
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Patriot: A Star Trek Fan Production (2018)
A 15-minute Fan film from the Star Trek universe. More information can be found on the project page.
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Yes, Captain! (2018 - 2020)
A SCi-fi series with the story following Star Trek: Diplomacy. Episodes and more information are available on the Yes, Captaion! website.
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Star Trek: Diplomacy (2015 - 2017)
A Star Trek fan series, political satire paying homage to the classic Britcoms, expecially the series Yes, Minister!". Series was ended after four episodes because of the fan production guidelines issued by the Star Trek brand owners. All the episodes are free to watch and download on the Star Trek: Diplomacy website.
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12 minds (2014)
Theatrical-film production staged by the ensemble TyJáTrek and shot on a simple set. It's a Star Trek adaptation of the classic movie "12 Angry Men". You can download it from the TyJaTrek archive.